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Fearless Female 'Help Now' Cards

We all know that horrible feeling of anxiety that creeps up and seems to grab you round the throat. That sickly, nauseous, hot, and clammy sensation that makes your heart beat out of your chest and your mind race with thoughts of escape.

It’s so frustrating that such ‘normal’ every-day events seem to trigger this:

  • Going to the supermarket can feel like running the gauntlet of death, just waiting for the panic to swallow you up.
  • A short trip down the motorway feels certain to end in disaster.
  • The school pick-up that transports you back to feelings of dread you remember from school.
  • That discussion you avoid because the thought of conflict terrifies you.
  • All the events that you avoid because that voice in your head says you’re not good enough, clever enough or interesting enough.

The ‘help now’ cards have been written for those times when you feel totally stuck and overwhelmed and you need help straight away. Just like having a psychologist on speed-dial, these cards will make the difference between getting it done and failing miserably.

The pack of help cards have an exercise to answer every ‘emergency’ question or shout for help I’ve ever answered. From going to a party with social anxiety, putting an end to panic attacks, to stopping constant worry thoughts and getting better sleep. There’s a help card with a solution for every problem.

They are easily downloaded to your phone so you can spend a couple of minutes (literally), and find a way to get it done without anxiety getting in your way. Using the ‘help now’ cards is like waving a magic-wand, so you get to put anxiety on hold for a while.

What’s even better, the more you practise these techniques, the more power and control you’ll have over anxiety. It really is that simple.

The 12 downloadable help cards you will get include:

  • Helicopter View - For when you are struggling to move on from something. You wake up thinking about it and go to bed thinking about it. You start to feel a bit like you’re stuck in your own personal ground-hog day with something going round and round your mind.
  • Fact or OpinionIf you run anxiety, I know you’ll be doing some mind-reading. We all have times when we’re tortured by assumptions. ‘Why have they not messaged me back straight away, I’m sure they don’t like me?’. ‘I’ll never be good at this.’. This sheet will help you decide if it’s just in your head or it’s real.
  • Just StoppFor that moment when you feel the anxiety and panic building and just need to find a way to push it back in it’s box. Useful in all situations when you feel anxious.
  • Mind Bully - That voice in your head can be overwhelmingly powerful. You know the one, the voice that has the power to tell you you’ll never look good enough, be smart enough, or just enough. Ever. This exercise will show you how to firmly shut that voice up and replace it with the voice that says, ‘you are good enough and you deserve it’.
  • Problem Solving -Have you ever had a problem that you never seem to resolve? One that spins round and round your mind? A problem, that no matter how much you think and worry about, you never seem to find a solution to. If so, this is the sheet for you. This exercise will, in a few short steps help find the perfect solution for any problem. A solution that you can use anytime, with any problem.
  • Healthy BalanceDo you notice that your mood is all over the place? One minute you’re up, the next minute you’re down. Would you like to be able to control your mood so you can spend every day feeling the way you’d like to feel, consistently and reliably? This exercise will show you how to do that, and how to balance mood before it gets out of control.
  • Respected FiguresThis is less of a ‘help now card’ and more of a ‘help forever’ thing. Being able to identify your core -beliefs is a bit like knowing the secrets to your heart and mind. Core-beliefs are the things that make us who we are. We all have a handful of things that are essential to our happiness Once you know what these secrets are, you can build your world around them. Essential knowledge for permanent happiness and an exercise that everyone should do.
  • Six Ways to Practice GroundingFor that moment when you feel anxiety is controlling you and you just need to be back in charge. Exercises you can run in a split second, that will remove the overwhelm. 
  • Think & Thinking Errors - If you run anxiety, I can promise you run faulty thinking. These negative ways of thinking can be grouped into themes and once you learn to identify and stop this type of thinking, you are well on the way to winning the anxiety battle. Find out what themes you run to stop anxiety in its tracks.
  • Wise MindDo you make decisions with your head or your heart and is this the best way for you? This help sheet will discover what the best decision-making process is for you, and why.
  • Worry Tree - Are you a worrier and over-thinker? Do you struggle to turn the worrying and over-thinking off? This exercise will take a few seconds, but help you find the button to switch the worry off and find peace.

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What People Are Saying:

“A friend bought me the help cards as a present. My Mum lives an hour away, but I really struggled to drive on the motorway. A couple of the exercises made motorway driving possible and I’m now able to see my Mum every week.”


“I was at the point where I avoided doing as much as I could because the anxiety was just too high. I’d seen one of Wendy’s videos on Facebook and bought the help cards on impulse. What’s different about the help cards is that they really help. Most things you buy just talk about anxiety and how it feels. I know how it feels, I want something to stop it. Practising the exercises in the help cards meant that I was able to do some things I haven’t been able to for years.”


“Using the help cards meant that I could navigate everyday life without anxiety stopping me. I would spend lots of time panicking about how I was going to do things without anxiety in my way and now I know I can just about manage things with the help cards on my phone.”

Helen S