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Fully Fearless Female Course

Everything included in the Fearless Female light course, PLUS lifetime access to me via video call.

The Fearless Female materials will be packaged up and delivered to your door. This includes the workbook, journal, help cards and a copy of my published book. 

This option is for women who are determined to make this the time when they finally find the happiness and confidence they’ve been searching for.

  • Everything you need will arrive on your doorstep.
  • Step into a world free of worry and  negative thinking.
  • Lifelong access to a psychologist, ask any question you like.
  • The VIP way to supercharge your self-esteem.
  • The easiest way to start loving your life.

Here are more details about what is included in the course:


You will be guided by me via a series of 8 written and video-based phases that will help you tackle the most important areas of your anxiety and how to get rid of them. There are spaces to fill in answers that you can reflect on. Here is an outline of what each chapter focuses on:

  • Chapter 1. Everything you need to know about anxiety and why you.
  • Chapter 2. What actually happens that causes anxiety.
  • Chapter 3. How to control anxiety.
  • Chapter 4. How to replace anxiety with calm.
  • Chapter 5. How to control your thoughts.
  • Chapter 6. How to face problems without feeling anxious.
  • Chapter 7. How to problem solve so you can feel in control of situations.
  • Chapter 8. How to change your mindset to shift low mood and feel more positive.
  • Chapter 9. Getting to the root cause of anxiety so it’ll never come back.


There are journals everywhere, but the Fearless Female one is different. This journal has been written by me, a psychologist, with the sole aim of helping you overcome problems to feel happier.

It’s different because it’s been written to ACTUALLY help you create change.

  • You may have decided you’re ready to tackle anxiety or low mood.
  • You may want to improve your confidence and self-esteem.
  • You may be ready to finally lose that weight.
  • Maybe you need to get your life back on track after the end of a relationship.
  • You may not even know what the problem is, but just know that you’re not really ok.

Everyone has a busy life, so filling in the journal should only take 5 minutes a day.

There are 4 simple questions to answer each day, and an exercise to do at the start of each week. At the end of the week, there are questions to check your progress. This is after all, about creating change and you need to see that things are changing.

The questions in the journal are written in a way that not only moves you forward, but also makes you responsible for your own progress. We’ve all started the week meaning to do things differently but abandoned all hope by Wednesday. Using the journal means that whatever changes you want to make, actually happen.

Weekly Video Call

A group video call every week to get the answers to all the questions you’ve never known how to ask. Totally anonymous, either ask me or email me the questions and get the solutions you need. Access to a video call with me is like having a psychologist on speed dial. Whatever you need I’ll be there for you, standing firmly in your corner, cheering you on towards the life you’d rather be living.

Help Cards

The 12 ‘help now’ cards have been written for those times when you feel totally stuck and overwhelmed and you need help straight away. Just like having a psychologist on speed-dial, these cards will make the difference between getting it done and failing miserably.

The pack of help cards have an exercise to answer every ‘emergency’ question or shout for help I’ve ever answered. From going to a party with social anxiety, putting an end to panic attacks, to stopping constant worry thoughts and getting better sleep. There’s a help card with a solution for every problem.

Using the ‘help now’ cards is like waving a magic-wand, so you get to put anxiety on hold for a while.

What’s even better, the more you practise these techniques, the more power and control you’ll have over anxiety. It really is that simple.

Lifetime access to the Fearless Female Facebook Community

A fabulous, supportive group of like-minded women who want to help you do well in life.

  • Access exclusive resources.
  • Get support from a community who understands.
  • Get answers and support from me within the group.
  • Find the best ways to be free of anxiety and worry.

By signing up you agree to send your information to Fearless Female (Wendy Dignan & Associates Ltd) who agrees to use it according to their privacy policy outlined on the website.

What People Are Saying:

“Once you’ve really absorbed the course material, future feelings and situations don’t seem to get to you in the same way and you are able to deal with things differently. Don’t get me wrong you still feel all the normal emotions, but the bad ones don’t seem to stay with you in the same unhealthy way. It isn’t a magic pill or spell, you just have to remember the processes you are taught by Wendy and you react and deal with things in the right way, which is so liberating. I’m not only less anxious but some days I actually can’t wait to get the day started, I feel so excited about life again.”